Pictured: Eucalyptus Leaves Eco-Printed (Naturally Dyed) Silk

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Eco printing or eco dyeing is part of the tradition of natural dyeing. Plant material, such as petals or leaves, are bundled in silk. By using pressure, heat, moisture, and time the pigments are extracted producing a color print.

Rather than the color coming from a dye made of plant extract or chemicals, the color and resulting pattern comes from the petal or leaf which is in contact with the silk.

Color reproduction is approximate depending on your monitor.

How to Order

Each eco-printed / naturally dyed scarf or shawl is one-of-a-kind so the available prints and colors will vary. Please email bewovenstudio@gmail.com with the color(s) and botanical(s) you wish to order and include the shipping address.

You will be sent a picture of the items currently in stock and shipping costs.

Upon receipt of your email order, you will be sent a confirmation and a separate digital invoice.

Top Row – Citrus and Eucalyptus Leaves
Bottom Row – Roses Petals and Leaces

Eiber: Silk

Color: Depends upon the botanical

Citrus Leaf – Green
Eucalyptus – Bold Pink/orange
Eucalyptus – Muted Pink/Orange
Eucalyptus – Peach/Beige
Eucalyptus – Green
Eucalyptus – Beige
Orange Bell Leaf – Green
Rose Petal – Blue/Purple
Rose Leaf – Green
Stock Petal – Blue
Stock Leaf – Green

(color reproduction is approximate depending on your monitor)


Sporty – 8″ x 54″ – $49
Standard – 8″ x 72″ – $69
Shawl – 22″ x 72″ – $125

Recommended care – hand wash and line dry.


• Rose Petals
• Rose Leaves
• Eucalyptus Silver Dollars Leaves
• Eucalyptus Tapered Leaves
• Eucalyptus Oval Leaves
• Citrus Leaves
• Wild Daisies
• Fall Leaves


• Rose Petals and Leaves
• Citrus and Eucalyptus Tapered Leaves