handwoven home decor from Bewoven Studio

home decor

The sophisticated Huck Boxes cotton table runners work perfectly with every decorating style
High fashion Chichly Slim handwoven scarves in tencel

a range of shimmering colors

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Silk eco-printed using rose petals, eucalyptus & citrus leaves



Using an eight shaft loom I finely weave textiles for personal accessorizing and the home. Texture inspires me and the patterns in my hand woven scarves and table runners showcase the appealing lines of the classics. There is such enjoyment in making a draft for a scarf from a time-honored pattern.

I choose colors that not only enhance the patterns but will complement any outfit or decorating scheme. I work in Cotton, Tencel, Bamboo, Cotton/Angora yarns for their lovely feel and drape. It is a sensual feast to have the yarns move through my fingers as I measure out a warp or wind a bobbin.

It is so satisfying to have the idea for a project and to go through all the steps in the weaving process until there is a finished woven piece. Watching the strands of yarn transform into woven cloth is almost magical.

– Lawrence Peters, Bewoven Studio